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Bespoke systems are traditionally expensive and time consuming to construct and operationally deliver, however this need not be the case, as Rulevolution was conceived to address exactly this issue.

We also recognised that bespoke requirements are often not that different from existing solutions, but virtually all Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) products are just not flexible enough, which is a specific situation where Rulevolution excels.

To address this situation, and rather than start from scratch every time, we have built a number of Blueprint Systems (starter systems which can be used as a base), consider these as system Templates which can then be customised and extended as required.

These are being added to all the time, but a selection are listed below:

Deterministic Machine Decisioning

  • Bespoke decision pipelines, with reference data,
  • Unlike most machine learning solutions, with Rulevolution it is easy to see how the result was arrived at, and more importantly tweak where required.

Financial Management Solution

  • Bespoke Investment Management integrated solution,
  • Extends further than a traditional Customer Relationship Management system,
  • Investment Portfolio Management.

Invoice Matching Solution

  • Invoice data extraction,
  • Bespoke matching for approval.

Materials Management / Billing Solution

  • Traditionally done on spreadsheets, this template is designed for Bill Of Materials calculation and management,
  • Drives a Digital Transformation agenda.

System Integration Platform

  • Data integration and transformation,
  • Fan out, data matching & merging, data to / from multiple systems,
  • Much more than standard ETL (Extract…) functionality.

Document Management

  • Entity extraction and knowledge base construction,
  • RDF & SPARQL integration.

Application Management System

  • Capture of application details, scoring and validation,
  • Data transformation into downwind (legacy) processing platform.

Decision Support System

  • Capture of bespoke parameters, validation and prioritisation,
  • Work order creation.

DMARC Analysis

  • Breakdown and analysis or DMARC data,
  • Continually check eMail for impersonation and spoofing.

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