Prototype / New Build Playbook

Problem Statement

Whether you are a start-up or an established business, the need to get a new business line to market is vitally important. You may require a new system which probably needs to be bespoke (rather than just use an existing system or package) as that’s what gives you the edge, however…

  • You have limited budget,
  • Require a quick time to market,
  • Although you have a good idea of what is required, you know that this will change significantly once you start, or get feedback from early customers,
  • You don’t really have time to go through the usual document requirements/sign off design/prototype/build/test…(typical of both outsourcers and internal IT departments),
  • However, this is a critical piece of the company jigsaw so you cannot afford to compromise therefore documentation stills needs to be available.

So what can you do…?

Rulevolution Approach

With Rulevolution you model the process that you require, using our unique “Teach don’t Program” approach. This does not need developers, a business analyst or an experienced user will suffice. You can start with a minimal system (MVP) and then build on that confidently as the process matures. Typically we recommend :

  • Start with simple high level process diagrams,
  • Turn these diagrams into process models (this is the “development” in Rulevolution) which are built using data examples created as you go,
  • Create screens, validations, sub-process as you require,
  • Once the model is built, it is ready to deploy !
  • Modifications are easily made as you progress, in an Agile manner.
new build process example

Process creation then becomes an iterative and creative process…Interestingly our tool is even built in itself, thus cementing our belief in what can be achieved with Rulevolution.


Rulevolution promotes an Agile approach. The data, and previous behaviour, act as constraints because the ‘situations’ that you use automatically become tests allowing safe modification & maintenance in the future. This continues long after the original builders are not available and even if all other documentation is long lost !

The Rulevolution system is intuitive and therefore quick and easy to learn, thus requiring no expensive long winded recruitment process to hire software developers. And that said, we’re we’re always here to train, support help in any way. In fact we recommend we do the first project jointly but that is entirely your choice.

There’s no reams of framework (“boilerplate”) code to construct which is where traditional development consumes a huge volume of time and cost. Thus you can immediately focus on what needs to be done for the business – adding business value from the start.

Quick delivery and high quality does not have to mean huge costs. Our philosophy is that you will save significantly against a traditional approach. You are also not locked in to us. We believe our first class service will mean that you will want to stay with us, but should you wish to export your specification (sufficient for an outsourcing outfit) then you are free to do so at any point.

You have the flexibility to change the system, safely, as and when you see fit – the system will keep the overall system in check. As real data examples are used, this captures the tacit knowledge which is difficult to explain and often missed. This is then baked in to the model process and kept forever as an integral part of the model for future maintenance for months, years or decades.

Solution Templates

There may not be a need to necessarily start from scratch, as one of our Solution Templates can be be used to kickstart your development.

In summary:

  • Quick to market with significant time and cost savings over traditional development approach.
  • A business analyst (or similar level person) can learn this quickly and easily.
  • Agile and flexible delivery.
  • No lock-in.

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