Machine Learning for Fast Custom Software

Embrace Digital Transformation

Systems you can build & maintain yourself

Use our Teach don’t Program Machine Learning approach to create/replace/renew any system or process.

Full systems, screens, processes, API’s, integrations and tests



Take your idea from concept to prototype in simple easy steps.
Build and deploy your application in a fraction of the time.



Add more behaviour by examples, teaching the system by example as you proceed.

These scenarios become the tests, so reducing final testing.

Additional requirements can be imported or built as you proceed.



Multiple deployment options.
Custom domains, Integrations, Consultancy, Maintenance & Support.

Build new systems easily

Build New Systems Easily

Rulevolution is designed so that everyone can build the system they require themselves.
Unlike no/low-code platforms, you will not require expensive consultants or any technical skills to build your software application.

Whether you require a large enterprise system or a micro-business system, we enable non-technical people to build the entire system in-house, in a fraction of the time.

And of course, we provide full training and support as and when required.

System Modernization

As an alternative to a new build, you may have a legacy system that you wish to modernise or migrate to the cloud by way of replacement, often as part of a digital transformation programme.
In virtually all cases, there will be people within the organisation who understand what the original system achieves, and input and output examples can be obtained via various means.
This is all that’s required to build the entire system with Rulevolution.

Legacy System Modernisation/Replacement
Teach don't Program - like inductive reasoning

Teach don’t Program

Unlike traditional coding, Rulevolution is taught the required behaviour by example.
It then remembers these examples, so if during maintenance in the future, you add behaviour that conflicts with a previous behaviour, Rulevolution will flag this.

Thus, logical consistency is automatically ensured and is maintained forever within the Rulevolution models.

This also means the system is self-testing greatly reducing future maintenance.

In the News

IBM Champion Trevor Eddols Speaks About Rulevolution

“Updating an old COBOL program the easy way!

Mainframes are just full of COBOL programs. To a large extent, many large businesses are reliant on their COBOL programs to keep them in business…
So, what can you do…?

Basically, you need a platform that uses Machine Learning (ML) to build the behaviour of the final system through a deterministic process of inductive reasoning…”

SME News Award 2022
Northern Enterprise Awards 2023

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Recent Projects

supply chain providence

Supply Chain Providence

Fast build out and deployment.

Flexible Prototype phase

BlockChain based (distributed Ledger)

data ingestion platform

Data Ingestion Platform

Disparate data sources

Complex aggregation requirements

Quick integration with downwind systems

health management

Health Management

Expert System

Knowledge capture using the Rulevolution engine

securitisation platform

Securitisation Platform

Asset securitisation

Multiple portals & APIs

Quick build to final deployment

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